A fresh take on event planning

VenueLoop is the trusted platform connecting event planners with their perfect venues seamlessly and efficiently. When you’ve got enough on your plate or just don’t know where to start, let us take care of the venue and supplier search.

Searching for an event to thrill your team
or your boss?

We open up scope to introduce more unique venues and bespoke locations. Thanks to our network of strong relationships throughout the industry, we connect you with public and secret venues at rates that normally wouldn’t be possible.

The faces keeping you in the VenueLoop

I’m Alex. Following years of experience in the hotel and events industry, I saw the need for a fresh take on event planning. The city - and the country as a whole - was missing out on unique venues and bespoke locations.

And so, driven by a desire for change, I set about designing a simple platform for event planning. VenueLoop operates just like your personal planner, giving you the time to conceptualise an event and build something unique - while we do the venue sourcing for you.

Nurturing relationships with clients and venues is what we do best. We tap into our extensive network to bring you a selection of ideal venues and to always make sure every event is better than the last.

Events that tap into your company culture

Corporate events are more than just a way to let off steam. They’re key in bringing employees together, and at VenueLoop, we plan events that boost employee engagement for a happier, more satisfied team.

We get to know your business and its unique culture. So every time you have an event to plan, our team will know exactly which venue will be the right fit.

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